SIDE Project

SIDE Project aims to provide financial assistance to the development initiatives. With the vision of helping nonprofits and social causes for sustainable development, the SIDE project serves as the platform where even the smaller contributions support for a bigger impact. The platform acts as a bridge between those willing to help and those who need the support. It serves as a safer and reliable platform to shop and support a cause, invest in community projects, donate for the causes, and engage with the bigger community. 

We are a group of dynamic youths from various professional and academic backgrounds. Having worked with communities being associated with various nonprofit initiatives, we came to the understanding that these initiatives struggle the most with financial sustainability which ultimately impacts the objectives and goal of the initiative and the organization. With the help of research and consultations, we have come up with the idea of an innovative platform that integrates different channels through which individuals and institutions can contribute to the causes and nonprofit initiatives. This led us to formalize the SIDE Project: S - Shop, I - Invest, D - Donate, E - Engage.

What do we do?

  • We bring together individuals willing to contribute and all those initiatives committing for social goods to a larger community.
  • We make contributing to causes and initiatives simpler.
  • We make the ‘giving’ reliable and impactful.
  • We provide a marketplace for vendors who want to contribute to causes from the profit they make.
  • We provide a platform for social entrepreneurs, community projects, and innovative ideas to attract investment from individuals and institutions. 
  • We provide a platform for everybody to pledge for the cause they support and causes to attract support via crowdfunding.
  • We promote nonprofits and their works that deserve recognition and support.
  • We promote social events to a larger community and build engagement.

Vision statement

To establish an ecosystem for financial support to the proactive and impact-driven individuals, organizations, and their development efforts into sustainable impact.

Mission statement

Our mission is to provide financial assistance to nonprofits, social enterprises, community initiatives, development projects, and charities for the financial sustainability of their development efforts via impact-driven shopping, impact investment, donations, engagement, and other contributions.