SIDE Project

SIDE Project aims to provide financial assistance to the development initiatives. With the vision of helping nonprofits and social causes

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Our mission is to provide financial assistance to nonprofits, social enterprises, community initiatives, development projects, and charities for the financial sustainability of their development efforts via impact-driven shopping, impact investment, donations, engagement, and other contributions.

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Shop with us and contribute to the charity or the cause you support. For every purchase you make, a contribution is automatically made to the cause you choose. Or, you can also sell your products and make the contribution.
Make impact in the lives of communities by investing on micro-enterprises and community projects. You get return on your investment and also be part of the community impact. 

Make direct donations to the causes and charities. You might come across many immediate needs for which you may decide to pledge any amount as per your capacity and liking. Even the smallest of contributions will matter a lot.


Be part of events around you happening for social goods. You can participate in the charity shows, networking events, and many others and support the social causes and organizations.


Small contributions for bigger impact

Puja Khanal
Sanjay Bahadur Singh
Milan Kumar Sardar Tharu
Pramit Lama
Ujjwal Shrestha
Medha Shrestha